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  • SpaceX satellites closing digital gap, but cause light pollution
    Satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX are sometimes mistaken for UFOs. The error is easily corrected, but astronomers see other problems with the “industrialization of space.” Light pollution can spoil a clear view of the night sky, even obscuring scientific data.
  • Why Donald Trump will remain banned from Facebook, for now
    Facebook’s Oversight Board has upheld the company’s decision to ban the former president’s account, but criticized the way it did so. The board called on Facebook to reexamine the penalty and develop clearer standards.
  • Apple lawsuit raises questions around Big Tech's dominance
    Epic Games, which makes the popular Fortnite game, is suing Apple for its monopoly over its app store. Epic argues Apple unfairly takes a significant portion of earnings from mobile apps, but the lawsuit also raises debate around how Big Tech should be regulated.
  • Should what you do offline get you banned from social media?
    As tech’s relationship with real-world violence comes under increased scrutiny, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter are moderating users’ offline activities. While some praise the guidelines, others criticize them for infringing on civil liberties.
  • How start-ups are cleaning up car battery recycling
    Lead battery recycling is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Now, start-up companies are developing new processes that use water, electricity, and chemicals rather than smelting to recycle car batteries.

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