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  • Lina Khan, Big Tech critic and anti-trust scholar, to lead FTC
    The U.S. Senate has confirmed Lina Khan, a legal scholar and energetic critic of the tech industry, as the Federal Trade Commission chair. Ms. Khan’s selection signals the Biden administration’s focus on stronger oversight of the tech industry.
  • Are tech giants doing enough for local news?
    Throughout the digital age, many local news organizations have been struggling to adapt. Large corporations like Google and Facebook have pledged to financially support these outlets, but many view these efforts as perfunctory, insufficient, and self-serving.
  • If you can buy a ticket to space, does that make you an astronaut?
    The word astronaut comes from the Greek words for star and sailor. But should anyone who boards a rocket be entitled to call themselves one? As space flight opens up to the public, the name seems up for grabs.
  • Road report: What it feels like to ride in a driverless car
    Driverless vehicles are ready for ordinary riders to test them out and share their experiences with engineers. One company in Arizona is offering lifts to people courageous enough to climb into the passenger seat.
  • SpaceX satellites closing digital gap, but cause light pollution
    Satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX are sometimes mistaken for UFOs. The error is easily corrected, but astronomers see other problems with the “industrialization of space.” Light pollution can spoil a clear view of the night sky, even obscuring scientific data.

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