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  • Can old-fashioned journalism combat fake news?
    News-rating start-up NewsGuard hopes to take a traditional approach against online misinformation, by using actual humans, not algorithms, to create 'nutrition labels' for news outlets and other websites.
  • Germany rules against Facebook in data-mining case
    German authorities ruled Thursday that Facebook can no longer use a person's data from other sites to inform their advertisements while on Facebook, a move that – should Facebook lose its popular appeal – could have wide-ranging implications for the platform in Europe.
  • Apple to fix FaceTime bug that permits eavesdropping
    Apple is tackling a FaceTime glitch just as the company stresses its commitment to user privacy. The company has already disabled the troublesome group-chat function, and is expected to produce a software update later this week.
  • An old-school solution to identity theft
    The digital age has opened doors for consumers – and identity thieves. A group of financial security experts wants to empower users to guard their identity by honing an existing tool: the Social Security number.
  • In rural America, state laws warp high-speed internet access
    Mississippi relies heavily on electric cooperatives, which aim to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban America with millions of new federal dollars meant to expand high-speed internet. But a 77-year-old law could block access to broadband for one of the poorest states.

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