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  • Trump announces his own social media site. Some investors are all in.
    Donald Trump was known for his social media presence – until he was banned after the Jan 6. Capitol riot. Now, he’s launching Trump Media & Technology Group and a “Truth Social” app to compete with platforms like Facebook, and investors are already flocking.
  • The next big thing? Facebook to hire 10,000 to build 'metaverse.'
    Facebook has announced plans to hire 10,000 highly skilled workers in the European Union to build “the metaverse,” a futuristic online space for using augmented and virtual reality. Some observers worry tech giants will monopolize the space for profit.
  • Facebook introduces controls for kids. Is it enough?
    After a scathing testimony of the harm Facebook platforms can cause younger users, the tech conglomerate is trying to do better by introducing new controls for teens and parents. Critics question the efficacy of the changes and are calling for greater transparency.
  • Can $1T infrastructure package ease racial digital divide?
    The pandemic made clear how vital virtual accessibility is to society. However, a lack of internet access in rural areas across the United States remains, and a higher proportion of Black Americans are digitally disconnected, shows a recent study.
  • Facebook's 'snow day': Massive outage reveals world's dependence
    On Monday, a widespread Facebook outage affected up to three billion people around the world who rely on the company’s services. As one user put it, the outage was a “huge awakening that social media controls so much of my success in business.”

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